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tv   Fast Money Halftime Report  CNBC  January 15, 2013 12:00pm-1:00pm EST

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earnings. it's pretty richly priced. the momentum about the stock has changed. they have to produce and perform in some ways because the momentum has changed back to a $31 stock. >> dennis, obviously your section in the journal covers things like marketing. i just wonder, from a marketing standpoint, they have only been public for not even a year. what kind of grade do you give them in building up to a hype for today? >> apple gets the a-plus, right? facebook, i'd give them, you know, a "b." good for what they are doing but a lot of what the magic of facebook is, from a stock standpoint, is about working with marketers, working with people who are building ad campaigns. they describe how they are actually getting over themselves, getting over their self regard, if you can put it that way and say, let's roll-up our sleeves and try to make some money for the advertisers
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spending money on us. that's the magic of facebook. it's less about the consumer interface and more about the business interface. >> dennis, thanks so much. >> appreciate it. >> that does it for us on "squawk on the street." let's get to "half time" back at hq. >> carl, thanks very much. welcome to the "halftime" show. dow jones industrial average is down 15 points. 10% of the s&p and nasdaq negative today. here's what we're following today on "halftime." for whom the dell tolls. will the company go private? the company said it could happen. lululemon shares fall. time to buy or grab your yoga mat and go home? we're watching shares of facebook at this hour as we
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countdown to the big announcement. julia boorstin with the latest. first, apple cored? spending much of the session below $500 a share, where is the next stop? we're trading it and the day's other big stories with mike murphy, joe terranova, jon najarian along in just a minute. what's the significance of where apple sits right now breaking below 500? >> i think the significance is, my comments on november 15th when i called this a generational buy, be it was f l foolish to do so. how do you trade around what is going on right now with apple? buying 525 callses on thursday when the stock opens higher.
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i feel that's the right trade. i don't want to trade the name right now. i want to invest in it but clearly something is wrong with the stock of apple. not the fundamentals but the stock of apple. where the support is, i don't think anyone truly knows. >> the most valuable company on earth? >> i wish i knew. the stock's at a new recent low. it's been getting decimated. i've been wrong on this name and i've been focusing on the fundamentals between my wife and myself and our five kids, we could support the stock with what we spent on it at christmas. i thought you'd see a rally on the fundamentals. it tells you every single time it rallies, it's getting hit with a wave of selling and going lower. i've added to my long call position. i'm focusing on the
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fundamentals. you're going to see the stock trade higher. >> nearly every single person that has come out has been proven wrong recently. does it continue? is it a new reality for apple that we have to get used to? it's not going to be above $500 like it once was. the growth that the company was not what it once was. what's going on? >> i agree that all of that has some truth. here's the deal. momentum cuts both ways. momentum doesn't just fall by the wayside after a month or two month. it doesn't fall by the wayside. there's a price. it falls by the wayside when the weak sellers get out of it and when you recalibrate the story. i was going through this last night and the companies that have the irreplaceable, looking at r.i. mm.m., that's come back. do they have a monopoly on innovation? when steve jobs died we wondered what the company was going to be like and we were lulled into the
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safety net because of the stock price, not the fundamentals. we keep coming up to this pivotal quarter on the 22nd. that's going to tell us a lot. there's going to be no product announcements. >> how do you compare? >> i can give you many more. you can go out polaroid, you couldn't live without it. eastman kodak changed everybody's life. now you've got a price point in a product that is not worthy of that price point because they are not the innovators anymore. the innovators are the galaxy. what technology is better. >> where i'm going to disagree with you is that all of this where apple is falling by the wayside, there's still speculation. nothing has come out recently where apple's iphones haven't sold. >> we've all talked about the growth of apple problems still hasn't said i'm going to go with
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apple. >> correct. that's not new news. >> but it is new news relative to the story six months ago, nine months ago. you've got to have the apple products. gets what, their market share dropped precipitously. this is apple. galaxy has picked up. people say you get better functionality with other products. why should i pay that much when the telcos are not going to subsidize. i'm saying there's a ton of cash there. maybe they come out. look at philip morris. >> maybe they buy that stock. >> right. philip morris sells at a big premium to apple. >> $55 in earnings this year. >> maybe. >> well, it's not maybe. it's yes. >> they missed three quarters in a row, let's not forget that. >> even as people have ratcheted down their earnings, we're still at $56. >> let's bring in jon najarian,
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the virtual dock. you are what you say you are. is that really what it should be? >> it should be until it proves otherwise right here, scott. i mean, based on what we heard -- i will say that on the low end, as far as valuation, this is is a stock that could turn very quickly after that announcement next week. right around this 465 level. it's not there. it's $20 away. $20 for a $400 stock doesn't take long. look at today's move. i think it's getting wildly oversold and they've got to show us something. you guys have already said what they won't show us, which is probably not any new product announcements next week. look at the headlines on every newspaper when they talk about apple. they are not innovating, they say, but they are still making a
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ton of cash. so innovation is important. i think we will get innovation in may and obviously it goes on every day at apple but we're not seeing it yet because they are very seek kra tif. i think we will see it. 465 is a critical level and i don't think we will go below that. >> hardware analyst covers apple, as all of you know. welcome back to "halftime." >> my pleasure. glad to join you. >> when is the selling going to stop? >> i would make two points. one, sent meaiment is extremely possible. with all of the purport cuts happening in asia, the fear of numbers going down is what is making this shareholder base at apple want to sell the stock. the second point i would make
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is, there's a transition in that shareholder base happening. historically, apple has been owned by growth managers. a year ago, 80% of all growth funds owned apple and they had a 1 30i7b 3 times a market weight position in apple. today, 80% still own it but they have less than a market weight on average. so they have been selling the stock and the value investors, in part because i don't think the return of cash is big enough, had not been absorbing those sold shares. this is common across the market but particularly in technology. we have a stocks that entering growth purgatory. it's going to grow 10 or 15% a year. when that happens, there's a tremendous turnover in the shareholder base. stocks underperformed 35 to 40%. that's what is happening with apple. >> are you telling us that products going forward for apple are not going to be the catalyst to lift the stock price, that
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it's going to come down to things like buybacks and other things to put that cash to use? >> it's a different kind of company. apple is no longer a hyper growth company. you can't keep growing at 40 or 50% a year. the math simply does not work. and accordingly, apple is going to grow at more modest rates. it's still going to growth revenue year over year but that growth rate is only 10 or 15% given the large base. so, yes, the growth will be lower. >> toni, here's where i disagree. we had lee cooperman on who talked about apple. the p.e., the valuation on apple has allowed value buyers to buy the stock for a year or two already. so we've seen that constantly. so i think the issue is that the growth sellers are selling but the value buyers have already staked their claim and bought
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it. at a big discount that we've seen repeatedly, they can get in plenty of opportunity. >> here's the analysis that we've done. a year ago, 29% of value funds in our sample owned apple. as of last month it was 40%. so there's still a very large co cohurt who do not known apple. if the stock has gone from 7 to $700 and you didn't own it at all and you buy it at 560 and the stock goes down amid this news flow, you're going to get grief from your investors. so to the degree that momentum is such a powerful thing, i think the incentive for value managers to take a leap is somewhat low. i think a catalyst like an increase of return of cash in the form of a higher dividend or buybacks could be that catalyst
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for value managers to say, i'm getting a 3 plus dividend. in that absence, if they don't pick an appropriate entry point after having missed this big run in apple, they don't look good. >> toni, we're going to get to dell in just a second. one more on apple. for a stock that has a forehandle in front of it, and some of the concerns that you just raised, many of the competitors have been cutting their price target. yet you're holding steady at 750. defend it. >> look, our belief is that apple is going to do 50 dlards in earnings this year and $60 in earnings next year. we believe apple will have $2 billion in cash on the balance sheet and do 60 dlards in earnings. so if you give apple credit for off shore, that's $150 a share.
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>> let's switch to dell, quickly. you raised the possibility last week in an appearance on "fast money" so you've been thinking about this for a while. without getting too granular, is it going to happen or not? >> i ultimately think when push comes to shove it will not happen. and here's the reason. this is a very large lbo. this will be one of the largest lbos of all time. you know, with an acquisition kofrt of well over $20 billion. the he can quick tight contribution aside from mr. dell's stake at 16% will be somewhere between 4 and $6 billion. this will be a very large bet for one, two, three, four principals going forward and invariably you need to have a lot of people aligned to pull off a deal of this size. against that backdrop, you have a pretty risky environment in the sense that pcs are going through a lot of change right now. so while the valuation of dell stock is pretty darn attractive
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and i understand the rationale in this low interest rate environment to want to do a deal, because the deal is so large and there's uncertainty around dell's pc core business, i think when push comes to shove, the deal does not get done. >> i want to underscore one of the top rated analysts doesn't think that it's going to happen. shares are moving a little bit higher. stocks almost 23% at this point. obviously had that huge move yesterday. where does that leave the company's future, toni? what are they going to do? >> look, i think the company has been very deliberate in laying out a strategy, which is, we're going to try and move away from pcs. we're going to take our cash and buy companies to try and make us more of an enterprise player. one of the benefits of not going private is you have more degrees of freedom. you don't have to use your cash flow to pay down debt. you can use your cash flow to do acquisitions, go to public markets to raise equity if you
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needed to. it has more degrees of freedom. i think dell -- what dell needs to do is it needs to execute well and continue with the current strategy and ultimately hope that earnings improve and they will be rewarded in the marketplace. >> toni, thanks for the knowledge. this is a good conversation. thanks for being on the show. >> my pleasure. virtual dr. j, what's going to happen? >> keep in mind that hewlett-packard paid $11 billion for aton what was autonomy? this is not an overly large lbo. i disagree completely. if you can round up $11 billion in cash over to huewlett. >> coming up on "halftime," less
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than an hour away from facebook's big announcement. the stock rallies high at 63% in three months. if you think stocks are in the best to gain, you may want to think about. that guy right there, greg peters of morgan stanley, is going to tell you what you should be betting on instead of the u.s. when "halftime comes right back. ♪ [ male announcer ] how do you turn an entrepreneur's dream... ♪ into a scooter that talks to the cloud?
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than one hour and will it be enough to keep the rally alive? our julia boorstin is outside menlo park. julia? >> reporter: well, scott, the press is already starting to arrive. we expect about 120 reporters and bloggers to gather in this building here behind me in a conference called the sun of ping and pong room. i do expect ceo mark zuckerberg to take the stage and unveil a new product, something for users. so what does zuckerberg have up his sleeve? it's sure to have something to do with mobile but it's not a physical building and not a facebook phone hand set. there's no sign of any other company here today. now, it could be a mobile app, something like video chat or a
12:20 pm
new app store or new gaming platform to compete with zynga. or maybe some changes to the timeline. there's a lot of talk about the social search engine that zuckerberg has discussed. it's been bolstered by analyst reports. mobile as well as its ad exchange. facebook is not live streaming this event and they are not letting in broadcast cameras. the company has reminded me it used to do this often before the ipo. scott, lee be live blogging from inside the event that starts at 1:00 p. be m. eastern and i'll send you all of the updates and photos we can get out of there. >> look forward to that, julia. facebook shares are up 60% over the past three months. that's not enough to convince our next guest that now is the
12:21 pm
time to get in. joining us from new york city, why no love, porter? >> zuckerberg in german means mountain of sugar and i think that zuk has really created a mountain of sugar out of facebook. the announcement, as julia pointed out, is going to be underwhelming. mobile is where facebook has to go if it's going to realize its potential and right now they have over 80% of the facebook one billion users are outside the u.s. 14% of the advertising revenue goes to mobile, while 60% of all users use facebook on mobile. there's a real disconnect there and they have a lot of work to do to get back to even close to the kind of vision that mark zuckerberg was articulating a year ago. >> a mountain of sugar. a lot of people must have a sweet tooth. the stock has turned around.
12:22 pm
zuckerberg has the confidence to turn this to the next level. he's going to mobilize. >> this is going to be an underwhelming announcement. give zuckerberg a lot of credit. he's created an incredible media buzz and he's got the street and all investors excited but i think you're going to see a buying opportunity at the stock. >> i'm surprised to hear you say that after what happened at the ipo. he knows what happens when he disappoints. he better meet the bar. the stock be is up 60% in three month, porter. >> well, there's no explaining that except sentiment. investors want to see something that happened. the $1 billion investor base is huge. no one has done anything like
12:23 pm
that in technology. zuckerberg still has to prove that he can monetize it. >> what's it going to be? >> i think julia put her finger on it. i think it's going to be a mobile app, might be a picture of voice system. if i were zuk keckerberg, i wou look at a couple of things. he could buy r.i.m.m. and put a phone in the marketplace. he's got a huge potential in instagram and under 30 users which comprised the users of facebook's customer base, that's the main thing they do with their smartphones, they use it to send pictures back and forth. he's not touching that. nothing to do with job hunting. he could buy monster and add that app into a job search feature and into the apps that facebook is trying to put together. >> so you're saying that maybe
12:24 pm
that gives him an edge against linkedin? >> exactly. >> we've been long the stock since the mid-20s and one area i'm going to disagree with you is when the stock was priced at 38 and facebook didn't come anywhere near clearing that bar, that wasn't zuckerberg's doing. that was wall street's doing. >> he's got to take the responsibility. he's running the company and has to call the shots. wall street did hype the stock incredibly but he was in control. >> but to my point, this clearly came from facebook so the fact that these guys put this out, i think that they have something that will overwhelm the street. whether it's something with instagram or a few weeks ago they went out and they changed the legalese behind instagram. i think that could come out today. whether it's that or a search engine. i think they are going to clear this bar by a wide margin. >> you might be right and i can't -- he did ask his users,
12:25 pm
his one billion users to review their policy statements with regard to facebook and privacy is going to be a very serious issue going forward. if they try anything in search using all of that data, they've got this gigantic, massive, big data cash but they don't now how to monetize it and i'm not sure they can. >> porter, great to talk to you. 35 minutes or so the zuch will take the stage. we'll see what it does. >> remember, mountain of sugar. >> we certainly won't forget that any time soon. guys, let's trade it. bill karmazin was on earlier. joe terranova, powerful statement from a guy who knows media about as well if not better than neb else? >> the momentum has changed. that's what matters most to the
12:26 pm
direction of the stock price itself. institutionally there are folks that are now attracted to the technology space. i've said that over and over again. unless there is something today that is incredibly under we underwhelming, i think you sell it. >> my biggest thing that i'm watching today, because i think it will be something in search, what happens in google and yahoo! on the heels of the announcement? >> two stocks that have had really nice runs. >> right. >> google had a nice run. >> and yahoo! is sentimental. >> sentiment alone has given this stock a lift. >> that's where the action will be, is i think on search. >> tie it up quickly. >> search and location. location is key and i think that's what this announcement is going to be. i wouldn't dismiss the idea that they go after tumbler a little bit by redoing their notes function on facebook as well.
12:27 pm
>> arena pharmaceutical getting a pop of about 6%? >> orex and arena has been hot. they continue to be hot. you take a look today they are up 6%. year to date, over 20% for each of these two stocks m. and we're only in the middle of january. >> what's happening here? >> radio shack opened higher on the news that it was ending the kiosk that they have at target t is now lower. it's also lower because the stores are open and it's radio shack. you want to trade this, it's nothing more than an option. >> retail numbers. american express is dropping. >> these guys came out and the news that the holiday season went better, they raised their guidance. they came out and raised all of their number across the board. wall street wasn't expecting this. >> broadcom for you, is this wireless supplier?
12:28 pm
>> it is. a good part of the business comes from that. >> and a drop for wayne dobson, a glitch related to apple's find my iphone app which uses gps to find dozens of people that have showed up at dobson's house demanding their devices and some even have brought police. he hangs a sign on his patio, no lot of cell phones. got to love that. coming up on "half time," we're going to reveal what it it is in today's top three trades and three hours left to take your positions on two big bank earnings. we've got the trades ahead of the numbers. [ male announcer ] staples is the number-one
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all right. we're making a turn. welcome back to the "halftime" report. first up, axp, american express, gets a second downgrade in as many days. citing new tax hikes on the rich as a downside catalyst. >> i think it's absolutely ridiculous. what american express has done in the last two days, cost management. focus on what they are doing there in terms of what the earnings are and expectation that the high-end consumer is going to be affected by what is going on here in terms of fiscal policy. it's misguided. stay with american he cexpress. >> that's talk about cliffs
12:33 pm
natural. a downgrade. dr. j, make sense of it. the stock is up 2%. >> this one was sold too far down. i can't believe that he actually bothered to downgrade them when the stock was half of whether where it is was. i like the deutsch call. unless we have a lot of trouble with our economy here, judge, which i don't think we're going to have, i think this continues to work and works back into the mid-40s by the end of this quarter. >> talk to me, weiss, about some airlines. they have been doing incredibly well. lately here is ual and lcc. >> they were early in upgrading the airlines and the airlines used to be like drinking beer. you rented it. you didn't own it. now you've got the airline business changed completely. so the fundamentals are very good. not as competitive as they used to be. they know how to allocate their
12:34 pm
capital. the merger between u.s. air and american is in the stocks. that will make it even better. i disagree. i think you hold them and buy on dips. >> let's go to jackie deangeles. jackie? >> that's right, scott. platinum is selling above gold for the first time in ten months. what is the best bet for 2013? rachel is at the cme in chicago and anthony in new york. is gold just moving up today on platinum's move? >> definitely gold is moving up on platinum. platinum has rallied since the first of the year. gold by itself also i believe has been helped by positive numbers out of china, the industrial production numbers have helped gold and uncertainty come in along with debt ceiling
12:35 pm
and debt negotiations. i think it's helped gold also as people look for safety. >> do you agree that the platinum and rally has helped gold and do you think we can look at this platinum rally and make a bigger indication of what is happening in the economy? some people say it's an indication that things are really turning around? >> jackie, i think it's too heavy. the anglo american platinum pulls off 400,000 ounces of platinum per year. that's almost 7% of global demand -- production, rather. that sends the market up. when i got up this morning and looked at the screen, platinum made that 3% today. i looked at the metal sector and looked at things that were undervalued. i think gold short term will benefit but long term i think platinum is going to be a better bet. if platinum stays higher, than
12:36 pm
going through the latter part of the year, that could signal a change in the market sentiment. gold is your fear and platinum is going to be demand in manufacturing. that could signal a change but not yet. i think later in the year. >> fair enough. now you know how our guys are making money. which metal is going to be the best in 2013? gold r gold, silver, platinum? we'll give you the results at our 1:00 p.m. show. david rosenberg and sean egan will tell us what it means for america's credit rating. don't want to miss that one. >> these guys are large. we're talking fundamentals. we're right against the 150 day for gold. you've got more upside. >> well, i look at it a different way. it came down to the 161 level and bounced up and rallied up. i think if it gets around 164 there's heavy selling pressure.
12:37 pm
if we get past this debt ceiling, gold is going to go lower. coming up on the half, investors staged the biggest equities ever but are they making a big mistake? morgan stanley's chief global strategist will tell you what to buy. plus, lululemon takes another hit. two traders, one monster debate minutes away on "halftime."
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12:40 pm
welcome back. today's market quote is courtesy of jeremy seagull who told us
12:41 pm
he's looking for stocks. >> we had 15% return last year. a very good year. i think we're going to match that and do better this year. that does mean an all-time high for the s&p 500. >> not everyone agrees with the professor. greg peters, morgan stanley's strategist is looking for gains, just not here in the u.s. he joins us live from new york city. welcome to the show. >> thanks for having me. >> what is wrong with the professor's view? >> there is nothing wrong with it per se. opportunity is far better outside the u.s. and so that takes you to emerging markets. specifically, asia. and it takes to you europe and it's really a two-fold reason. one is valuation. valuation is cheaper outside the u.s. and secondly and more importantly, earnings. and so the big concern that we have in the fly in the ointment, so to speak, as far as being bullish on stocks, is the earnings outlook and we see a
12:42 pm
very flattish to down earnings outlook in the u.s. it's hard to imagine valuation getting much richer as a consequence. >> it's amazing how you can have so many different views of a marketplace, right? professor siegel was talking to us about multiple expansion whereas when i say those words to you, your thought is what? >> well, look, that can happen. that happened in the second half of last year. and so that's the implied bet that he's making and that earnings don't matter, that the fed is easy and that the markets will continue to rip higher, irrespective of fundamentals. indeed, that may happen. that's what makes markets. i think it's easier and a better risk reward outside of the u.s. i know we're laser focused on what is going on here. the better trade is outside where earnings look a little better and valuations as a starting point are better. >> let's go specifics, then.
12:43 pm
let's take europe first. where exactly in europe would you invest your money right now? >> on europe it's a three-fold approach. it's the sovereign market, corporate debt market and all three of those look attractive to us, particularly in the periphery. what we see is that the companies and regions are being penalized for where they reside and the names, not the fundamentals. you see that most clearly in the corporate bond market where the corporates trade very cheap relative to their fundamentals and relative to the core. so what i think that's a good example of is kind of that disconnect that i expect to converge in 2013 and the same thing could be said on the equity side. >> let's go china. are you of the view that we're not getting a hard landing and that maybe we won't get any landing? >> what do you think? >> hopefully it's not a hard one. we have a pretty confident view
12:44 pm
that china is stabilizing. i feel like the weakness that we experienced second half of last year is somewhat kind us. growth isn't going to be what we witnessed the past couple of years or so. it's going to be lower but more sustainable. china is a story. in fact, circling back to the u.s. and europe, we actually think there's better ways to take china risk outside of china and when that's in the u.s. and actually in europe. so it's a china derivative play, if you would. >> interesting. greg, it's good to talk with you. thank you for spending time with us on "halftime." >> thank you. >> i think to say that europe is in a better position than the u.s., sure, you can talk about valuation. stocks aren't as cheaps as they were after a 15% runup after last year. i think the u.s. economy is being under valued.
12:45 pm
$1.4 trillion is the run-up and i expect the u.s. to outperform again. >> joey? >> i think the u.s. continues to do well and the ultimate indicator is where volatility is. it's incredibly cheap and remains -- insurance can be provided to protect your portfolio. i don't think that the ultimate concerns that the people have. >> we've got news on germany and the german economy, gdp is contracting. it was down half of a percent. in 011 it was up 3% n 2012 it was up .7%. they are the engine for growth there. i'm not sure it's going to work out for you in the first half of the year. for europe, i don't think it's undervalued. it's had a great run into the u.s. >> two major banks report earnings tomorrow. much of the conversation that we're having today certainly directed to what is going on with the banks and what it could
12:46 pm
mean for the markets. jpmorgan, goldman, ahead of the market tomorrow. joe t., you take yours? >> my position has been goldman sachs, be morgan stanley. it's been that way for a long time. i like the marketplace here. i keep hearing the same tired analysis from all of the banking analysts that will present and when you look at where the street is, the average price target on goldman, i believe, is 136. most of them will have gold ratings. i think the street is getting it wrong. from an investment standpoint, both morgan stanley, you want to earn them again, their investments again and their trades. >> big doc? >> i think what i saw today was morgan stanley on friday. i know you're talking about jpm and morgan stanley likes both of those but the weekly options in
12:47 pm
morgan stanley. and, again, these are the options that are something or nothing. >> when we come back, lululemon's stocks drops. we're going to debate it next up on "halftime." ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] don't just reject convention. drown it out. introducing the all-new 2013 lexus ls f sport. an entirely new pursuit. tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 after that, it's on to germany. tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 then tonight, i'm trading 9500 miles away in japan. tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 with the new global account from schwab, tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 i hunt down opportunities around the world
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an epic hour of "power" ahead. facebook holding a mysterious press event at the top of the hour. everyone has been speculating what the announcement may be. a bird, a plane, it's what we don't even really know. but we will know soon and you'll know when we tell you. think small for big games, a money manager tells us why he's so hot on small cap tech this year. and where are hedge funds and the super rich putting their money? we will tell you. back to scott and the "halftime" crew. >> thanks so much. see you at the top of the hour. lululemon, is it a buying opportunity? the clock is running. joe? >> same-store sales has now gone below double digits 13 quarters consecutively. the worry i have is that the stock gets below 50, volts up to
12:51 pm
80.what's going on. gross margins are good. operating expenses are good. gift cards are going to be strong and ecommerce growth in 2011, 10%. 2012, that's going to expand to at least 15%. this is a comeback story. >> here's the deal with it. here's my concern. it's very high-priced. my wife would tell me how can you bearish it this. the men's shirt work costs 90 bucks to work out in. you've got to be crazy. it's gone to high single digits. more than that, they've missed two quarters in a row now. today we had the preannouncements. so i don't pay a premium for that in a gross stock or in any stock. i want to see them get it right. so i think it's great company. i think it's good management but it's got limited appeal to the
12:52 pm
broad u.s. >> revenues are still strong. keep in mind -- >> they missed. >> revenues are still strong though. they're going to present in miami. that's generally a catalyst that kwo goes up. there is no competition right now. >> who is it? >> wthere is lots of competitio. >> who is it? >> the gap. >> no way. >> yes. setting up their own stores. you can pay 30 bucks for that or 110 bucks at lululemon. what do you want to do? >> i'm going to bring the gavel down. who made the more compelling argument on this? >> i go with him on this. when steve's working out, he's probably working out in $125. i don't think they have competition out there. i think this is an overselloff in the stock, gets back above
12:53 pm
the 2. the day will be long. two stocks traveling at all-time highs. we'll play a little hold 'em, fold 'em when we come back.
12:54 pm
12:55 pm
sometimes it is tough to buy the lose errers. it is trading at a 52-week high.
12:56 pm
weiss. >> we talked about it before in terms of hold 'em or fold 'em. i said hold 'em. we have a fundamental shift where the government is going to pay if you go into the hospital. usage is going up dramatically, plus the company has been doing a great job. hold it. it's going higher. >> murphy, they're trading at levels they've not seen since september, 2008, highest level in four years. >> i think when you look at this name, you have to look at what they're doing. i think you're going have a shortage for food in the very near future with monsanto. monsanto is a name you should old. you should definitely buy it. >> all right. >> we are just minutes away from facebook's big event, and we want your instant reaction. tweet us your thoughts to
12:57 pm
cnbcfastmoney and we'll reveal your best comments tonight at 5:30. >> there's lick kely to be a lo of. >> there's no shortage of food in the murphy house, is there? >> what are you doing? nothing. are you stealing our daughter's school supplies and taking them to work? no, i was just looking for my stapler and my... this thing. i save money by using fedex ground and buy my own supplies.
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